Five Steps to Stick to Your Resolutions

ticked-checkbox-1280927-mThe first few days of 2014 are gone. The next few days are going to be testing times for your new year resolutions. Most people will forget their resolutions just about this time, and start waiting for the next year to form new resolutions, which they are definitely going to keep.

Here are five steps that may help you avoid becoming one of those people.

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Happy New Year, 2014!

pastel-new-year-1435613-2-m2014 is here, and, let’s face it, it will be gone just as quickly as 2013 did. You may find it weird to be talking about the end of an year that has hardly begun, but if you have lived long enough you would have realised that dates and months and years are mere numbers, and like all numbers, they deceive us.

That said, I must also say that I like New Year’s day a lot. It is a day that promises a new beginning. No matter how bad things were in the year that went by, the New Year’s day comes bearing the promise of a fresh start. It is true that, if we want, any day can be the beginning of something new and beautiful. If that happens, it is a great thing, but if it doesn’t then there is no time better than the New Year’s day to start something new of our own.

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They Also Serve Who Only Stand And Wait

galaxy-nebula-1381187-mRecently, I was in a discussion with a friend about what difference can one human make in the larger scheme of things. When we were talking about large, we were talking about universe large. We concluded by deciding that one human was too small an entity to make any difference to the universe.

But when I got home, I got thinking again, and I realised that we had got it all wrong.

One human, any human, can make a huge difference in determining his, or her, own fate, the fate of the world, and perhaps even the fate of the universe.

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Why You Should do NaNoWriMo this Year, and Every Year

2013-Participant-Twitter-HeaderNaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month for the uninitiated, is about writing 50,000 words of a novel in the thirty days of November. If you are able to do it, you are a winner. That, I think, is the beauty of it – you get to call yourself a winner without beating anyone, except your lazy habits.

But a question often asked from NaNoWriMo participants is why do you do it, if you get nothing out of it. So, I thought I would list down my reasons for doing NaNoWriMo this year, and every year:

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Using Mystery to Make Your Story Interesting

puzzle-pieces-3-940460-mTo a child, everything is a mystery. That is why children lead interesting lives. With every passing day a child discovers and understands new things about the world, and life is one big adventure. As the child grows up, he, or she, begins to know more and more about the world – the mystery is lost and life becomes boring.

One thing that continues to make life interesting is the uncertainty of it – the mystery of not knowing what is going to happen next. However routine your life may have become, you can never be certain of what tomorrow will bring.

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