Article Writing Tip-2

Always keep the reader in mind, but choose a subject you are comfortable with.

Writing should come naturally, they say. And I agree with them. But not all writers are lucky enough to write what comes naturally to them and, then, get paid for it.

Even if you don’t write for money, I am sure you write to be read. And for that you have to write about something that would be of interest to a potential reader.

While you are choosing the subject, you have to ensure that what you have chosen does not fall outside your comfort zone. Sometimes it is easy to get carried away.

A perfect example would be all the money making blogs out in the blogosphere. Just because there is an audience that is dying to read about making money online, you don’t have to start writing on the subject.

On the contrary, if there is something that you are an expert at, you might create an audience for it, even if none exists.

Don’t you agree?

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2 Responses to “Article Writing Tip-2”

  1. Try getting some pictures in your posts while writing. Reading becomes much easier when you have something else in front of your eyes besides rows and more rows of text!

  2. I feel that i am very bad in Writing but your Article boost up me. thanks

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