Digital Romance – Prologue

(This year I started the NaNoWriMo, but never got beyond a few thousand words. But, I liked the idea that had fromed in my head regarding the theme of the novel. So, I have decided to take up that story again and write it on my blog. I will post a passage of about 500 words on my blog at least once a week.)

Times keep changing and when times change, so do things. But there are some things that don’t change with times. Human emotions like happiness, sadness, tears, joy …and love are some of the things that have withstood the tides of time. Over the ages boys have fallen in love with girls, and girls have fallen in love with boys in an almost similar fashion. Circumstances, in one form or the other, have tried to prevent lovers from attaining their desired end; sometimes it is the lovers that beat all odds to unite in an eternal bond, and at other times the circumstances create a chasm that the lovers are not able to bridge in spite of their best efforts.

The story that follows is one such story of two people, and their journey on the path of love. They face many roadblocks, stumble, and yet they keep walking on this path, the end of which they have no control over.

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  1. sounds nostalgic and romantic.. Love your post.. Keep your love alive

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