Short Story Writing Contest

Contests are always exciting. They give you a chance to pitch yourself against others like you, and help you know where you stand among your peers. They can help you realise your weaknesses, and strengthen your strong points.

Claire, at Bebo Author, is holding a short story writing contest on her site. The detailed rules about the contest can be seen here .

I think I am going to submit a story for the contest, but I am not sure as I have a few things coming up in the days to come. The contest runs till 21st March 2008, so there is still some  time to go!

Meanwhile, I would like to wish the Best of luck to Claire for her contest, and to everyone else who participates in the contest!

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2 Responses to “Short Story Writing Contest”

  1. ATV Style says:

    I haven’t written a short story in ages, thanks for the heads up. I’m not sure I have time either but hearing everyone say they don’t have time makes me want to MAKE time and write a story about making time :)

    Great blog btw.

  2. Carolyn B. says:

    I keep reading about this contest and figure I must now succumb to curiosity and check it out. Thanks for the reminder!

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