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Social Networking and Blogging!

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Did Blogging come first, or did Social Networking?

If you think about it, social networking, in one form or another has existed since time immemorial. So, the better question would be : did YOU start blogging first, or were YOU social networking even before you were blogging?

And, how is social networking affecting your blogging?

It is often said that social networking can be a powerful tool for bloggers; that it is a good way to get the word about your blog out there, and to get people to visit your blog!

But I don’t agree with that. Social Networking CAN be a powerful tool for bloggers but, before it can be  that, a blogger has to make sure that he is doing the other things right. One can not have a good, or even a popular blog, solely on  the basis of social networking. A good blog has to have  good content, a good layout and regular posts (it goes without saying t hat the quality of the posts has to be good). And if you have a good blog, you stand a better chance of having a popular blog!

Social Networking is good for making friends, but if you want  to be a better blogger (the definition of a better blogger is again subjective), just work harder on your blog!

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  1. Good points! Now that I think about it, IRC and places like were and still can be great for social networking and just plain socializing. They definitely came before the blogs.

  2. Good article, I think the point of doing social networking is beside being socialize and making friends, you also promote your blog. What if you have friends first but you don’t have “home” to invite your friends to come and have some tea for example?

    Blog is a must to come first before social networking 🙂

  3. Blogs were around in 2002 before the social networking craze took place.

  4. Thinking back …. perhaps the emails between friends and family started to fly back and forth before blogging!

  5. I tell people that blogging is social networking! I believe the more “extra netwoking” sites you get involved with actually takes away from a blog. Nice post:)

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