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Writing as a System – An Old Post Revisited

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The post that follows was written by me a few months back. While I sat down to write a new post today, I relaised that I had already written something like that a few months back. So, instead of writing the same thing, albeit in different words, I decided to simply repost the old post. I hope you like it.

Often, we, bloggers, and writers, complain about writer’s block. I don’t know about others but I have often complained about it in the past, and even written posts about it. That was until I realized that there was no point complaining about it. One either has to overcome it or, allow oneself to be beaten by it.

While I was thinking about it, I thought of another thing. The whole process of writing can be be seen as a system.

Writing as a system

Taking this approach, it is easy to see that whatever we write is basically based on three inputs. The first is our LIFE. Over a period of time we go through many experiences and these not only affect the way we think, but also, the way we write and the things we write about. Therefore, living a full life and going through many experiences in life can enhance one’s writing as one will have a first-hand knowledge of the things he or she is writing about.

But, it is also true that no man can go through every kind of experience in one life. And if one writes only about things he has seen and experienced, his or her writing will have a very limited appeal. Here the second input into the system comes into the picture – IMAGINATION. Use your imagination to write about things, things that you wished existed, things that you wish you had seen, anything at all. Imagination should have no limits, and neither should your writing.

Another thing that you can use to enhance both your life and imagination is READING. Reading is not only a good pastime, but it can help you, as a writer, by introducing you to other people’s experiences and things they have imagined. It can broaden your horizons, by adding to them the horizons of other people.

These three are essentially the basic inputs that, if taken care of, can help you produce quality output i.e. quality writing, be it on a blog or a book. And you might never have to worry about writer’s block either.

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  1. Excellent post, Neo. Sometimes I feel drawn to write about a certain topic. Katrina, the War, prejudice, damage to the environment, etc.

    It is like I feel that I can pass the energy on if I write quick enough and well enough. When I am through with the post, I am usually wired up. Like releasing all that energy just drew more into me.

    420 am USA CST and Eileen has lost her mine….

  2. I do agree that our stories are influenced by the lives that we lead or have led, but at times, they are also events which we write because we could not do them in real life; they serve as some sort of release for pent up emotions.

    Thanks for sharing.

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