How to Post Regularly on your Blog…

It has been about a month since I wrote anything on the blog. This is in sharp contrast to my goal, which is to post at least one post on the blog every week.

I know I am not alone. 

There are numerous bloggers out there who, like me, set goals for themselves but soon find that they are not able to meet the stiff targets they had set up.

Why does that happen?

1. Unrealistic Targets: Sometimes, in our enthusiasm, we set targets for ourselves that are completely unrealistic. This usually happens when we come across a good blog, and begin to believe that we can, or we should, post as often as the blogger we admire. While setting this target, we forget that our situation is different from the blogger. We must keep in mind the resources available with us before we set up a blogging target for ourselves.

2. Lack of Motivation: Motivation is definitely not a one-time thing. If it were, most of us would be Olympians, or something of that sort. Motivation is a daily thing, and we need to practice it everyday. We may be highly motivated at the time of  setting a goal, but if we don’t find ways and means  to stay motivated, we will fall short of our desired aim.

3. Time Management: Blogging is not easy. Whoever says it is, is either lying, or is extrememly talented. For most people blogging is hard work, that takes up your time, and your mind-share. Therefore, if you want to blog regularly, you need to manage your time effectively, especially if blogging, or writing, is not your main occupation.

4. Lack of Determination: Once a target has been set-up, one needs to make all possible efforts to meet it. Failing to meet  a target can have a cascading effect, resulting eventually in a complete abandonment of the target itself. Therefore, it is necessary that once a target has been set up, every possible effort is made to achieve it.

5. Failure to make it Habit: Lastly, when something becomes a habit, it begins to happen without a lot of conscious effort on our part. Therefore, we should make an effort to make habits that help us in achieving our goal. Once we do that, blogging regularly, or any other target for that matter, won’t be too difficult to achieve.

Now, you may ask, if I know all this why am I not able to achieve my aim of posting a blog-post every week. The answer is simple - Knowing isn’t everything, practicing is.

If  I was asked to identify the reasons for my failing to achieve my goal, I would say that lack of motivation, and failure to manage the time available has been my undoing. I, however, hope that this doesn’t last forever.

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