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Meeting Mr. Ruskin Bond!

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There are some writers that we have been reading since childhood. We never imagine meeting these writers because they seem to be a part of a different universe. Mr. Ruskin Bond was one such writer for me.

I have used was in that sentence because last week our universes conspired – I can think of no other reason for our chance meeting – and brought us on a converging path.

It happened like this.

I was taking a day off from my training schedule, and wandering on The Mall Road, Mussoorie. I had no plans other than to have a relaxing evening, when suddenly my eyes alighted on a notice outside a book shop.

It said, “Meet Ruskin Bond” in huge letters.

Now, as I have said before, I had always wanted to meet the man but since I had never thought that it was possible, I was about to move past the notice, imagining it to be an old notice. Then, I read “Today” written in smaller letters right under “Meet Ruskin Bond”. Could I be that lucky, I wondered?

I was. I stopped in my tracks as I read the time mentioned during which Ruskin Bond would be available in the book shop. I looked at my watch and realised that if the notice was not a joke, Mr Ruskin Bond would be in the shop at that very moment.

Here, I must pause to tell you that I consider myself to be an introvert, and, therefore, I find it difficult to meet people. So, though, a huge part of me wanted to rush in, another part of me was not that sure.

But, before I could decide one way or another, I saw that I had no need of walking in as Mr Ruskin bond was sitting on a chair placed right at the door of the shop. I was only metres away from him. The decision had been made for me, and I got to meet the Ruskin Bond.

If you were to ask me how I felt on meeting him, I really could not say much. There are some things that lose their true essence if you try to describe them in words. So, I will not even try. I will just say that it was a “great” feeling.

If you don’t know who Ruskin Bond is, you could read one of his short stories here. I have chosen this particular story to share because I read it in school as a part of the curriculum, and I had really liked it. This also reminds me to share another fact with you – Ruskin Bond and I have studied in the same school, though I was in that school for only two years.

Have you met someone in your life that you have idolized? How was the feeling? If you haven’t met anyone like that till now, how do you expect to feel when you meet them?

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  1. Lucky you..!!

    BTW the person who clicked the pic looked damn excited too 🙂

  2. Our passions describes best the people we idolize.

    A writers heart can only understand the warmth of the meeting with Mr Ruskin bond as he is a literary celeb and a living legend.

    BTW Why such a small picture for such a grand experience.

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