The Panther

I have been asked quite often as to how I came up with the name of NeoBluePanther for the site.

To be honest, I never thought about creating a site with that name. My first blog, that is still active on blogger, was called Life Among Other Things. And the first domain name I registered was the same as my name.

But my experiences on the Internet made me feel that I needed a moniker, that I could also use as a username on various social networking sites and the likes. 

Now, for some reason (unkown to me) the name Blue Panther had always intrigued me. Even as a child I used that name during play. So, when I decided to choose a username for me, it was not entirely surprising that I choose Blue Panther as the name.

But, as could be expected, the name was already taken.

What was I to do?

The site that I was on suggested that I add a neo before the name, and in my hurry – on that particular day - I did.

What was done without a serious thought, soon became a habit. I used the name to sign on various sites. The best part was it was available on almost every site I tried it on. The name was effectively divided into two parts “Neo” and “BluePanther”. And depending upon their preferences, my online friends either called me neo, or bluepanther.

And thus, when I decided to register a domain name for a new blog, I decided to use this name that I had already begin to like.

Not so exciting…is it?