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Why Do Mistakes Happen?

Why Do Mistakes Happen?

Yesterday, as I was watching the Oscars I was thinking to myself: “This is an amazing event indeed. Not only are they doing it live, they are doing it without a single stutter in the entire show.”

This was around the time when Emma Stone got the Oscar for the best actress. I stopped watching after that as there was something else that demanded my immediate attention. A few minutes later, I logged on to Twitter and was surprised to see my Timeline flooded with tweets about the goof up at the Oscars.

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If Life Was a Video Game

If Life Was Like a Video Game

Here is a question for you:

It’s 2 AM. You are tired, but still not ready to call it a day. You think for a moment and come up with two things you could do:

a) Play your favourite video game.
b) Study, or finish some work you need to finish as soon as possible.

What do you do?

If you chose (b), you should stop reading now. This article is definitely not for you. If you chose (a), read on.

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What is Confidence, and Where Can You Get More of it?

What is Confidence?

The one piece of advice that everyone gets when they are about to do something new or special is, “Have Confidence!”

As if confidence is a commodity that you can get off the shelf in a supermarket.

Before I talk any more about confidence, let me relate a couple of examples from my life.

For most of my life, I have had a certain degree of confidence in my ability to write. I may not be able to write great stuff, but readable stuff, any day. Over time this confidence grew and it was difficult for me to believe people who said they just couldn’t write. Writing, after all, is just another way of communicating. If you can speak, you shouldn’t have any trouble writing.


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Broken Your New Year Resolutions yet?

Broken Your New Year's Resolutions Yet?

The first fortnight of 2017 is over and already the novelty of the New Year is wearing off. The euphoria that accompanied the ending of 2016, and the beginning of 2017, has also faded. Life, as they say, is back to the grind.

Whether you make resolutions or not, it is difficult not to feel optimistic in the first few days of the New Year. The first day of the New Year feels like the turning of a new leaf. The New Year brings along with it a unique magic in the form of the belief that things will get better, doesn’t it?

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You Are Never Good Enough!

wanderer-455338_960_720Today, I am going to tell you a tale that was told to me when I was a child. Since, a considerable amount of time has passed between my hearing the tale and writing it now, I have made up the parts that I have forgotten. So, here goes:

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