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Three Things You Can Do Today To Be Happier

woman-570883_960_720Most people will agree with me when I say that being happy is simultaneously the easiest thing and the most difficult thing.  While some find happiness in the simplest of things, there are others who are unhappy even when they have almost everything. It’s no surprise, therefore, that the search for happiness is one of man’s oldest quests.

Today’s man is no different. We are always striving to be happier than we were the day before. But, unfortunately we don’t always succeed. In reality, we are mostly less happier than we were the day before because the past is usually remembered with fondness, and the present always seems like a tough time. So, here are three things that I am doing to be happy, and you can try them too.

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5 ways reading on Kindle is different from reading a Paperback

photo-1456953180671-730de08edaa7I have been reading books on a Kindle Fire for a couple of years now, but because the Kindle Fire is more of a tablet than an e-reader, it is difficult to compare it with a real book. But, recently I purchased a Kindle Paperwhite, and the reading experience on it is much better than on the Kindle Fire, though I am not sure whether it is better, or worse, than reading a paperback.

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Good Luck for 2015!

Don’t be fooled by the calendar. There are only as many days in the year as you make use of. One man gets only a week’s value out of a year while another man gets a full year’s value out of a week. – Charles Richards

2014 did not end on a great note as I suffered a personal loss in the form of the death of a loved one. Death is inevitable, and a painful reality of life, but every time it hits us with a force that we didn’t even know existed. If there is any universal truth, it is the fact that all who are born, must die, and yet, death is the farthest thing from our minds when we are busy living our lives.

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35 Great Novels That are Free on Kindle

kp-slate-05-lg._V363857434_Till date, I have never read a complete book on an electronic device of any kind. But, that is about to change as I recently acquired a Kindle device. One of the advantages of Kindle is that the eBooks are cheaper than their printed versions. In fact, there are many great books that are available for free on Kindle.

Here, I have compiled a list of 35 great novels that are available for free on kindle. Now, you have no excuse not to read them.

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To Buy, or Borrow?

To Buy, or Borrow?

Recently, one of the authors I follow on Twitter tweeted something about people borrowing her book to read, instead of buying it, being heartless. Being an aspiring author, who hopes to sell a lot of books someday, I could understand where the author was coming from. But, being an avid reader too, I could not help but wonder whether it was possible to buy all the books that one wanted.

So, I decided to make a case both for and against this dilemma that every book lover faces.

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