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Happy New Year, 2014!

pastel-new-year-1435613-2-m2014 is here, and, let’s face it, it will be gone just as quickly as 2013 did. You may find it weird to be talking about the end of an year that has hardly begun, but if you have lived long enough you would have realised that dates and months and years are mere numbers, and like all numbers, they deceive us.

That said, I must also say that I like New Year’s day a lot. It is a day that promises a new beginning. No matter how bad things were in the year that went by, the New Year’s day comes bearing the promise of a fresh start. It is true that, if we want, any day can be the beginning of something new and beautiful. If that happens, it is a great thing, but if it doesn’t then there is no time better than the New Year’s day to start something new of our own.


Happy New Year 2013!

1408768_2013_1Every year seems to be going faster than the last, and 2012 was no exception. It went by in the blink of an eye, and 2013 is here. I hope it will be kind to us and won’t pass us by as fast as 2012 did.

I would like to wish all of you a happy and a prosperous 2013. More than anything else, I hope and wish that everyone has a satisfying year ahead. 365 days from now, when you look back at 2013, I hope you do it with a huge smile on your face.

Looking back at 2012


In 2010, I will…

Image: ba1969 from

Image: ba1969 from

The beginning of a new year is a good opportunity to take stock of what happened in the year gone by, and to plan for the year that is yet to come. Actually, any time of the year is a good time to introspect, learn from the past, and move on. But, we humans – being creatures of habit – need different rituals, goals, ceremonies, targets, etc. to keep us going. As the great Voltaire, once said:

If there were no God, it would have been necessary to invent him.

The New Year’s eve is just such a ritual, where we get a chance to forget our mistakes of the previous year, and also get an opportunity to either do things in a  better way, or at least make a new set of mistakes in the days to come. Resolutions, I feel,  are the best way to do that.

I am sure all of you have made some resolutions for 2010. If you haven’t then I suggest you make one now. There is still time, and you won’t regret making one.


And the Winner is…

At the outset, I would like to apologise to all concerned for the delay in announcing the result for the 4,000 Etrecard credits giveaway contest. I was having a difficult time trying to decide a way to choose the winner.

Eventually, I decided to take the traditional route, and printed the name of all the entries on pieces of paper and the result looked something like this :

Before the draw

Then, I got one of my friends to pick one of the slips, and we had our winner.

After the draw

Congratulations Brenda! Your 4,000 Entrecard credits will be in your account soon. 

It was fun having a contest on the Blog, and, I think, I am going to be holding some more contests in the future. I would like to thank everyone for participating this time and I hope that the future contests are as successful as this one was.

Not Another Upgrade!!!

WordPress is a great thing. It is perhaps one of the best things to have happened in the cyberspace. It has enabled many people – like me – who were not very familiar with html and other web site building languages, to set up, run and maintain good looking sites.

Going by the number of upgrades that have been made to WordPress,  the people behind WordPress seem to be working quite hard. Usually, by the time I have  one version of WordPress set up and running, they release a new one. Not being very tech -savy, I ususally stick to one version of WordPress (or any software for that matter), till it becomes absolutely necessary to upgrade.

As of now, I am using WordPress 2.3.1 and even though everytime I log in, my dashboard tells me that my  “WordPress 2.3.1 is out of date,” I still have not felt the need to upgrade. It is pertinent, I think, to mention here that the last time I tried to upgrade WordPress, I did something wrong and was forced to resort to a fresh install.

It appears that WordPress is now almost ready with WordPress 2.5, and from the sneek peek provided by the WordPress team it seems that upgrading to 2.5 will not only be necessary, but will also make using WordPress a better experience. So, I am waiting for the new version of WordPress with great eagerness, and a little anxiety.

What do you feel about WordPress upgrades?