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Five Life Lessons from Riding a Mountain Bike

biking-723599-mI had wanted to buy a mountain bike for a few years now. With every passing year, the desire to buy a mountain bike was getting stronger, as was the realisation that I was not getting any younger. In a few years, even if I did buy a mountain bike I would not be able to make the best use of it. So, a few months back, after giving it a lot of thought, I bought a mountain bike. Here, I am going to share a few life lessons that I have learnt while riding my bike.


Meeting Mr. Ruskin Bond!

There are some writers that we have been reading since childhood. We never imagine meeting these writers because they seem to be a part of a different universe. Mr. Ruskin Bond was one such writer for me.

I have used was in that sentence because last week our universes conspired – I can think of no other reason for our chance meeting – and brought us on a converging path.

It happened like this.


Fighting Distractions!

One of my New Year resolutions was to write something everyday. This shouldn’t be hard, I told myself. After all, writing is something I love to do. Yet, it hasn’t turned out to be all that easy either.

Why is it difficult to do something that we love, everyday?

The answer, I think, lies in this one word: Distractions. There is always something, or the other, that keeps us from doing what we want.

Our world today continues to have 24 hours in a day, but the number of things – useful as well as not so useful – we can do in these 24 hours has increased exponentially. Some of these things can be avoided easily, but some others seem absolutely necessary for our survival.


The Self Fulfilling Prophecy

According to Wikipedia, a self fulfilling prophecy is a “prediction that directly or indirectly causes itself to become true, by the very terms of the prophecy itself, due to positive feedback between belief and behavior.”

In other words, it means that something happens, just because it was prophesied to be.

This is true about human behaviour too. If you expect others to do good, it is quite likely that they will. On the other hand, if you expect others to do evil, it is equally likely that they will.


When things aren’t going your way…

Every once in a while, you will find that things aren’t happening as you planned them. You try hard to make things better, but the harder you try, the worse things become, or so it seems. There comes a point, eventually, when you start feeling that there is nothing you can do to make things better. In other words, it seems like you are pushing against a brick wall, that just won’t move.

How is one supposed to act in situations like that?