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Digital Romance: Abhi’s Life-2

(Digital Romance is the name of the short novel that I am serializing on this blog. Abhi’s Life is the first chapter of the novel, and this post is the second part of that first chapter. I hope you like it.) 

Pleased with himself, he had enquired around about the cheapest and the best Internet Service Provider, and after due deliberation had got a connection, and that was the start of another fascinating journey. If he was spending a few hours on the computer before, now he spend almost all his waking hours on the internet. He had just finished college, and there was nothing else for him to do.

He was supposed to be looking for a job, but he was in no rush. He knew he had the skills and the talent to get a job of his liking anytime he wished. Abhi was a little over confident, but the way life had treated him, he had every reason to feel that way.

However old a person might be, there are some people who will always treat him like a kid. And parents are some of those people. Though Abhi was 21, his father treated him like he was still in school. He kept an keen eye on Abhi’s activities, and when he saw that Abhi was spending most of his time on the computer, he decided it was time to step in.

“What is the deal with you and your computer?” asked Abhi’s father.

“Deal??? What do you mean?” Abhi feigned ignorance, and although he knew it irritated his father, he still did it.


DR: Abhi's Life-1

(After reading the comments on writing a short story in serial form post, I decided to try my hand at posting another short novella in serial form on this blog.  Since I have written only three chapters till now, I am thinking that this story could evolve in a new direction with the reader’s involvement.  So, if you like, you could tell me what you think should happen next after reading each post. To stay updated with the story, you could subscribe to the blog via email)

As Abhi walked home that day he did not know that soon his life was going to change forever. There was no way he could have known what was waiting for him at home. Even if he had known about the email in his inbox, he had no reason to think too much about it.

Abhi had got introduced to computers not long ago, and he had fallen in love with computers on the very first day.

At first, it was the simple pleasure of sitting at the computer, typing out his assignments and papers. Sometimes, he just sat there drawing something random on a software that had come pre-installed on his computer. The results of his efforts were always childish, but he derived immense pleasure from them.

Then, he had graduated to playing games. Starting from simple ones like Solitaire, he had become a full-blown games addict. At 21, sometimes, he felt that he had missed out on a lot in his earlier years and now it was a bit too late for him to be playing computer games, but then he would tell himself, ”Age is just a number.”


Digital Romance – Prologue

(This year I started the NaNoWriMo, but never got beyond a few thousand words. But, I liked the idea that had fromed in my head regarding the theme of the novel. So, I have decided to take up that story again and write it on my blog. I will post a passage of about 500 words on my blog at least once a week.)

Times keep changing and when times change, so do things. But there are some things that don’t change with times. Human emotions like happiness, sadness, tears, joy …and love are some of the things that have withstood the tides of time. Over the ages boys have fallen in love with girls, and girls have fallen in love with boys in an almost similar fashion. Circumstances, in one form or the other, have tried to prevent lovers from attaining their desired end; sometimes it is the lovers that beat all odds to unite in an eternal bond, and at other times the circumstances create a chasm that the lovers are not able to bridge in spite of their best efforts.

The story that follows is one such story of two people, and their journey on the path of love. They face many roadblocks, stumble, and yet they keep walking on this path, the end of which they have no control over.

Writing a story in serial form

For some reason I thought the idea of posting a story on my blog was a good idea.

Since the story was long, the obvious thing to do was break it up in parts and post it in serial form, which, I thought, was another great idea.

But my experience with the story I posted ( The Bank Robbery) tells me otherwise.

The reason could either be that the story I wrote was not good enough to compel the reader to go back to the start and follow the story to the end, or it could be that the idea of writing a story in serial form on a blog is not a good idea.

I think a better way to showcase your writing on your blog is to have a separate page for it. What do you think?

The Bank Robbery XVI – The Escape

This is the sixteenth part of the series that began here . If you like it, and would want to be updated whenever I post the subsequent parts, you might want to subscribe to the posts via email . We are nearing the end of this story and it will be finished in the next two or three posts in this very post. Let me know what you think of through your comments.) 

Rahul had no other option but to follow him and he did. For a while the road got worse and the vegetation became denser. Rahul was having a really hard time walking with the weight of the bag on his shoulders and avoiding tripping on the roots of the trees that were exposed, here and there. Vikas although seemed to have no problem in making his way among the dense vegetation. But after about fifteen minutes and another right turn, the road began to slope down and got easier to walk on. After about another twenty minute’s brisk walk, the main highway became visible again and the two men were soon on it.  

“ So, will we get a bus from here… and where are we?” Rahul asked.  

Vikas was still smiling and kept walking. Even I was intrigued now, and followed them with great curisoity. On the highway , Vikas got near the a car that had been covered with a tarpaulin sheet. Judging by the dust on the cover, it seemed that the car had been parked there since the last few weeks. Vikas uncovered it, and took out the keys to the car from his pocket, and with a smile he said, “ Here is our ride home.”  

Rahul’s face could not hide hisamazement. “How and when did you do this?” he asked.