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Why Do Mistakes Happen?

Why Do Mistakes Happen?

Yesterday, as I was watching the Oscars I was thinking to myself: “This is an amazing event indeed. Not only are they doing it live, they are doing it without a single stutter in the entire show.”

This was around the time when Emma Stone got the Oscar for the best actress. I stopped watching after that as there was something else that demanded my immediate attention. A few minutes later, I logged on to Twitter and was surprised to see my Timeline flooded with tweets about the goof up at the Oscars.

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How Large is Your Circle?

I love watching movies. Movies not only entertain us, but sometimes they contain a message that can leave a deep impression on us and, as a result, can help us in becoming a better person.

When I watched 10, 000 B.C. some years ago, I liked the movie. Some people might find it a bit violent for their taste, and to be honest, the movie didn’t do very well with the critics either. But it doesn’t matter. The point of this post is not to make you watch the movie, but to share with you a quote from the movie:

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