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Money Magnet – I got it too!

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People are finding newer and newer ways to make money online. Some of these ways work, some don’t!

But there is no way to find out what works and what doesn’t until you have tried it. In this regard, lately, I came across another widget for the sidebar called Money Magnet .

How Money Magnet works?

You buy a money magnet through a referral (as you cannot buy one directly). Your money magnet could cost you $10, $20, $30, $40,  $50, or $100. Once your payment is verified, you get a referral link of your own and a badge to put on your site (you can see mine in the sidebar, above the entrecard widget). Then others can buy their money magnets through your site, and you earn a 50% commission everytime someone gets his magnet through your magnet.

I decided to get one today and see if it works for me.  You can grab one too, and see how it works for you!

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  1. Call me skeptical but that doesn’t seem like much of a value added widget. I mean, adsense, I get that. There can potentially be some good material on the other end of the link. And I personally like to click adsense ads on sites with good content. For example, I found this post intriguing so I’ll be clicking one of your ads. But paying for a widget so other people can pay for a widget? That seems a bit too much like those chain letters where someone wants you to send a dollar out to five people and then hope that people you mail will do the same. The only difference is that if anyone bites half the money goes to the dude in the web somewhere.

    How’s it been working out for you? 😉

  2. Sorry, but the money magnet is a pyramid scheme. The people that get in late will lose money.

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