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If Life Was a Video Game

If Life Was Like a Video Game

Here is a question for you:

It’s 2 AM. You are tired, but still not ready to call it a day. You think for a moment and come up with two things you could do:

a) Play your favourite video game.
b) Study, or finish some work you need to finish as soon as possible.

What do you do?

If you chose (b), you should stop reading now. This article is definitely not for you. If you chose (a), read on.

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If you can, you should!

moving-forwards-4-1141712Many times you look at others and you feel that you could have done the same, or maybe even better.
Then, something stops you.

Many times you see someone in need of help, and want to do something to help them.
Then, something stops you.

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Have Things Really Changed As Much As We Think?

ChangeThings change. They have to. It is the law of nature. But, sometimes change can be an illusion. Just sometimes, we like to believe that things have changed when they really haven’t. It is easier that way, especially since it helps us feel better about our mistakes and shortcomings.

Life today is much more complex than it was, let’s say, fifteen or twenty years ago. The number of decisions that we have to take on any given day is staggering. From the kitchen to the office, everything has changed. But, has it really?

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Finding the Right Temperature of Water

bathroom-1198588Winter is approaching again, and one of the joys of winters is taking a bath with hot water, isn’t it?

Taking a bath, or a shower, with hot water, however, brings along with it one of the biggest challenges that the human kind has to face on a daily basis – getting the water to the exact temperature level that the body is comfortable with. It’s always either too hot, or too cold.

I, for one, struggle with this problem every day.

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They Also Serve Who Only Stand And Wait

galaxy-nebula-1381187-mRecently, I was in a discussion with a friend about what difference can one human make in the larger scheme of things. When we were talking about large, we were talking about universe large. We concluded by deciding that one human was too small an entity to make any difference to the universe.

But when I got home, I got thinking again, and I realised that we had got it all wrong.

One human, any human, can make a huge difference in determining his, or her, own fate, the fate of the world, and perhaps even the fate of the universe.

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