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Take Care of the Little Things

puzzle-pieces-1-1426443As I turned on the car’s ignition, nothing happened.

The car should have started, and we should have been on our way home, but nothing happened. It was a few minutes before I realised that I had left the lights of the car on and the battery had run out of juice.

Not one to be easily fazed by problems, I set out to find a battery and a couple of wires to jumpstart my car. Without boring you with details, let me tell you that I arranged both the things within a few minutes.

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Are the days of the 10,000 hour rule over?

sign-success-and-failure-1133804-mRecently, I came across a few articles that suggested that the 10,000 hour rule, made famous by Malcolm Gladwell in his 2008 book, Outliers, was no rule at all. You can read some of these articles here, here, and here.

The 10,000 hour rule gained immense popularity because the idea seemed to make sense, and it gave hope to many who wanted to become an expert in any field. I was no exception, and this idea that practicing something for more than 10,000 hours can make me an expert in a field appealed to me. So, when I read these articles destroying the 10,000 hour rule, I decided to dig deeper into the matter.

But, let’s take it one step at a time.

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Five Steps to Stick to Your Resolutions

ticked-checkbox-1280927-mThe first few days of 2014 are gone. The next few days are going to be testing times for your new year resolutions. Most people will forget their resolutions just about this time, and start waiting for the next year to form new resolutions, which they are definitely going to keep.

Here are five steps that may help you avoid becoming one of those people.

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Five Life Lessons from Riding a Mountain Bike

biking-723599-mI had wanted to buy a mountain bike for a few years now. With every passing year, the desire to buy a mountain bike was getting stronger, as was the realisation that I was not getting any younger. In a few years, even if I did buy a mountain bike I would not be able to make the best use of it. So, a few months back, after giving it a lot of thought, I bought a mountain bike. Here, I am going to share a few life lessons that I have learnt while riding my bike.

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The Right Age to Write

old-typewriter-wanderer-continental-2-871392-mHave you ever wondered what is the best age to write that book which will make you famous all over the world. Should you write it when you are young and reckless, or should you wait till time has got a chance to work its magic upon you and you have learnt your lessons from the hard task master that time is.

G. B. Shaw famously said  that we learn from history that we learn nothing from history. Yet, history is an important tool to learn some lessons which otherwise we may never learn. So, I decided to have a look at the past to find out how old some famous writers were when they wrote one of their most acclaimed works.

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